SkipCast Features - Not a fan of complexity? Neither are we.

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The Perfect Player Interface

SkipCast is an active user's dream. Oversized buttons are a snap to tap when biking, running, or working around the house, allowing you to quickly skip past long intros or ads. The beautiful dark and light themes are perfect for day or night.
The SkipCast interface follows a very simple principle: keep it simple, keep it fast.

Advanced Audio Effects

SkipCast makes your favorite Podcast content sound better with 4 audio effects. Apply bass and treble boost to spruce up dull sounding content, even out voices to make listening easier in noisy environments, and skip silent sections to reduce playtime. SkipCast makes Podcasts sound better.

Episode Search

Quickly find the episodes you want to hear using our handy search, then download or stream on the spot.

Podcast Zero

Podcast Zero is our take on inbox zero, a playful term coined for users who gain piece of mind from an empty email inbox. For SkipCast, this means placing all active episodes in a single play list, automatically clearing them when finished. With this approach SkipCast minimizes navigation and ensures your content remains front and center. No more getting lost in complex screens, just tap and play.

Download or Stream Audio and Video

SkipCast plays audio and video Podcasts, both as direct downloads or streamed over the network.

For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Take your Poadcasts anywhere and play how you like. SkipCast runs on all modern iOS devices.

Simple Episode Management

SkipCast makes feed management a snap. New episodes automatically download when you choose, and are always placed on the app's main screen.

A Personal Touch

SkipCast is filled with small touches that make Podcast listening a joy.
Download today and get listening!

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